How does a Natioanal Monument in
YOUR backyard Effect You.
Unintended Consequences
Application of the U.S. Constitution Property Clause to Protect Federal Parklands
from External Threats - YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY
Property Rights Case Law - You Lose
The FEDS CAN tell you what to do on YOUR OWN PROPERTY - GET INFORMED!
Why a National Monument is a Monumental Mistake!
They say 'nothing will change' - Not so much. Comment from BLM former Employee
More UNINTENDED Consequences - How does a NM Effect the Cities in the Verde Valley
Bye Bye Trails
From the VERDE INDEPENDENT, Tom O'Hallaren "Nothing Will Change?"
What is a NATIONAL SCENIC AREA and how Private Property was Affected
A 60+ Year Trial on the Arizona Range, 80 Years of Human Mismanagement
Interfering with nature - DESERTIFICATION  - How Range Cows Save the Planet
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USFS Closes 21,000 Miles of National Forest Roads