Won AZ Legislative District 5 Senate

Won AZ Legislative District 5 Senate

Won Navajo Country Supervisor

Won AZ Legislative District 6 Senate

Won AZ Legislative District 6 Senate

Won AZ Legislative District 6 Senate
Did Not Run For Election

Lost AZ Legislative District 17 Senate

Lost AZ Congressional District 9 Hse

Lost AZ Congressional District 9 Hse

Lost Congressional District 1 House

Lost Congressional District 1 House
Wendy Rogers - LOSER
Sylvia Allen - WINNER
Wendy Rogers - An Illegal Candidate
Violating Arizona Law
Tempe, AZ - LD26
Lives/Works in Maricopa Co.
Flagstaff, AZ - LD6
Registered/Running in
Coconino Co.
719 E. Erie Dr., Tempe 85282
5-BR 3BA Single Family Home
2916 sq. ft. Primary Residence
(Deed # 030604879)
2401 W. Rt 66 Lot #88
Flagstaff 86001
1987 Cavco Durango 588 Sq.ft Mobile
Home "Primary Residence"
(Parcel # 112-01-012-A)
3030 S. Rural Road #109 Tempe 85282
Housemaster Home & Termite
Inspections aka Rogers & Kunnen, Inc.
<1 mile from Tempe Residence
2700 S. Woodlands Village Blvd
Flagstaff 86001 Suite 300
The UPS Store - Box 242
"Campaign Headquarters"
1973 Cessna 182P (N79107)
Purchased 11/14/17 -
Registered Tempe, AZ
Parked at Mesa Airport Since 11/08/19
<20 miles from Tempe Home
NEVER won a State or Federal
General Election in 10 Years

Running against an incumbent
Senator and Chairman of Senate
Education Committee

Campaigning and fund raising as
"active" military -

Subject of a pending civil lawsuit
accusing her of defamation and
invasion of privacy

The Republic 01/13/16 article, "she
owns a Flagstaff
vacation home"
A Candidate for STATE OFFICE
Live in the district you are running for.





Wendy Rogers is currently being sued by a minority
business owner in Arizona because of false accusations she
claims Wendy made against her business, multiple
complaints are currently brought filed against Wendy Rogers
with the Arizona Attorney General's office,  the Arizona
Secretary of State,  and the Arizona Department of Revenue
due to Wendy Rogers' potential fraudulent tax reporting,  and
Wendy Rogers' own business has been sued at least 11
times according to Maricopa County court records.

Rogers has slandered good Republicans candidates in races
she has run since 2010 and resorts to character
assassination in primary campaigns in an attempt to destroy
the reputation of her opponents because she has never held
elected office and does not know or understand the issues
facing Arizona.

Rogers did it in 2016 to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and
lost the primary election.

Rogers did it in 2018 to Arizona Senator Steve Smith and lost
the general election and she is currently the subject of
pending civil lawsuit accusing her of defamation and
invasion of privacy.

Now in 2020, Rogers is playing the same game with Sylvia
Allen, an incumbent State Senator and Chair of the Senate
Education Committee.  Rogers has run for office in Arizona
six times, including this year, and has lost five straight times.
I plan to make it six after the August 4th primary election.

Rogers is now so desperate that she falsified endorsements
of former Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl and current Arizona
Congresswomen Debbie Lesko and had to retract them after
being caught.

Now, she is falsely claiming local endorsements of Matt
Hamilton, Owner of Taylor Solar Exchange; Larry Titus,
Principal of Snowflake High School; and David Marshall,
Pastor of Snowflake Calvary Chapel.

Today, complaints have been filed with both the Arizona
Attorney General's Office and the Arizona Secretary of
State's Office to investigate fraudulent campaign tactics in
order to fool voters and affect the outcome of the Arizona
Legislative 6 Primary Race for State Senator.

Why does where Rogers lives matter?  Arizona Revised
Statute requires a candidate for legislative office live in the
District they are running to represent.  In Rogers’ case, she
lives in Arizona’s Legislative District 26, but is running in
Legislative District 6.

Rogers does not understand our unique water, forest,
ranching, public lands and recreation issues in rural northern
Arizona and would be just another Maricopa County
This is a request of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office
to investigate whether candidate Wendy Rogers has
filed fraudulent campaign finance reports and fraudulent
signature petitions.

Arizona Revised Statute mandates a candidate for
legislative office live in the district which they are
running to represent.  It appears that Rogers is
attempting to circumvent the Arizona Revised Statute by
claiming her residence in a legislative district in which
she does not live.

According to the Maricopa County tax records, Rogers
is listed as co-owner of a property at 719 East Erie Drive,
Tempe, Arizona 85282, and that property is described as
her “primary residence” (parcel number 113-28-391).
This residence is not in Legislative District 6, the district
she is running to represent.  

According to Rogers’ campaign finance report and
signature petitions submitted to the Arizona Secretary of
State, Rogers listed 2401 West Route 66, No. 88,
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 as her residence.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Sedona, Arizona 86351
Arizona Legislative District 6